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Gurgaon's Ritu, 25, dies but Indian dowry does not die

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New Delhi: 25 year old MBA graduate Ritu Yadaf It’s been over 3 months since I got married.She was found dead in her parents’ house Gurgaon’s Palam Vihar Extension On thursday. She allegedly hung her neck and left her suicide note, accusing her of her husband and her death in law. According to police, Ritu Yadav scribbled on her arms and palms, blaming her husband-in-law, who met her for widespread harassment.Dowry“.Read also-Rajasthan: A man gets a wife’s gang allegedly raped by relatives and uploads a video online for dowry

In the scribbled message, 5-page suicide note Left to her about the torture she faced. She said her husband and her step-in-law were responsible for her death. Ritu also claimed that her husband only married her for her dowry.

“Suicide Note-Harassment with Dowry”

“My husband married me to take my dowry and maid home. I want to divorce, but he doesn’t agree with that … we don’t even talk.” Ritu Yadaf said in his suicide noteAccording to a report by The Indian Express.

“I wanted to work … but there is only one request not to get the civil servant job that my husband wants. Otherwise, the lives of the children will be ruined.” She wrote in a memo. “I came home on May 5th, thinking I would never return. My body should be cremated in my home village.”

Police are now FIR for Ritu Yadav’s husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and his wife On suspicion of dowry-related death. They have not been arrested yet.

“We have regained a suicide note alleging that the victim was harassed by a dowry from her husband and three other members of his family. FIR was registered and the accused began an investigation. The person has not been arrested yet. The corpse was handed over to the family after death, “said Rajiv Kumar of ACP Udhoyogbihar, said in a report.

The victim’s brother, Kuldeep Yadav, said his sister got married on February 18. He said that Ritu Yadaf’s step-in-law demanded a “Tata Harrier car,” but they “gave them the top model of the Tata Safari for 180,000 rupees.”

“It was an arrangement marriage. Her husband was in a government job and we asked about him … it showed that it was a good match. Humne apni haisiyat se zyada dahej diya taaki hamari behen ko koi pareshan na kare (We gave them more dowry than they could afford so they wouldn’t bother her), “he said.

“Ritu Yadaf loved animals.”

Unable to hold back her tears, Kurdeep Yadaf remembered how her sister wanted to open an animal shelter. But she and all her dreams are gone. He said his sister graduated from a public university in Gurgaon (B.Com – Honours) and earned an MBA in human resources development at a university in Sector 40. Private sector.

“She loved animals. Whenever she found a stray dog ​​in need of help, she rescued it. They repeatedly abused dowry, tortured her, and harassed her mentally. She wanted to be independent, but they stipulated that she wouldn’t allow her to work in the private sector, so she was preparing for a government job, “Kuldeep Yadav said. ..

Dowry has been officially banned in India for over 60 years. However, that practice continues, and cases of dowry-related suicide continue to be reported. Deaths related to dissatisfaction with the amount of dowry received remain predominant.

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